SAI contemplates action against boxers who broke quarantine rule


The Sports Authority of India (SAI) is considering action against boxers who reportedly broke the quarantine rule after attaining NIS Patiala for the nationwide camp. The males’s and girls’s elite boxers are these days in quarantine there. After checking out unfavorable of their COVID-19 exams, 3 boxers have been reportedly noticed blending with athletes throughout the campus. That led to flutter some of the athletics and weightlifting squads who were staying within the campus because the lockdown. Within no time did they convey the topic to the attention of SAI government.

Most of the boxers and coaches were installed quarantine amenities outdoor the campus. A couple of boxers who reported overdue have been installed isolation “in the hostel inside the campus which was isolated from the other hostel where athletes are housed,” consistent with a SAI remark.

“They were also tested and post negative results were allowed in the hostel in the campus and after due undertaking that they would follow the due quarantine process. Despite the undertaking, they allegedly mixed with the other athletes/coach in the campus,” it added.

SAI mentioned it’s investigating the topic. “We will take action against erring players and officials after quick investigation. For the record, our new guidelines require quarantine for seven days. On the sixth day, the tests are conducted and on negative report, athletes will be allowed to mix with other quarantined athletes.”



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