Recently released WWE Superstar announces he has Covid-19


Former WWE Superstar Miroslav Barnyashev (Rusev) has introduced that he has examined sure for the radical coronavirus. The Covid-19 pandemic has observed the sector battle to deal with the velocity of infections and has even resulted in a number of lockdowns been imposed through quite a lot of governments. Rusev is referred to now as Miro and was once released through WWE previous this yr. Barnyashev introduced on his Twitch channel, MIROtwch, that he has examined sure for the illness.

Only some days in the past, Miro’s spouse and WWE famous person Lana had introduced that each her oldsters have been Covid-19 sure. Lana mentioned that her asthma-patient mom was once shifted to ICU as she required oxygen.

Rusev had 3 reigns because the WWE United States Champion and his first run resulted in him going through John Cena at WrestleMania 32.

Rusev was once a fan favorite within the WWE all the way through the previous few years. The ‘Rusev Day’ gimmick was once extraordinarily over with the target market as he turned into some of the best products dealers for WWE all the way through the height of his recognition. Despite being a damaging persona on display, Rusev was once cheered closely through the WWE Universe and it sooner or later resulted in a face flip for the previous famous person. However, Rusev (now referred to as Miro) was once released through WWE previous this yr.

In 2018, Rusev was once highly regarded and scheduled to stand The Undertaker on the Greatest Royal Rumble. He narrated the tale of the way he was once instructed concerning the fit through WWE Chairman Vince McMahon on his Youtube display.

“I thought it was a rib. I got called in the office by Vince. He said ‘Miro, I got you working with The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia’. I’m like (laughs) and ‘I’m winning right?’ That’s exactly what I said, that’s what exactly my reaction was.”

“Because I thought he was joking. So I said, ‘I’m going over, right?’ He was like ‘Hahaha.’ He looked at me kind of weird. I’m like ‘Alright sir, I’ll see you next time’,” recollects Rusev.

But McMahon concept making Rusev lose in a PPV with 1000’s of other folks staring at could be adverse to his babyface run. So he was once changed through Chris Jericho within the Casket Match towards The Undertaker. But Rusev published that the ones plans additionally modified because the Saudi Prince known as McMahon to reinstate him into the fit on the Greatest Royal Rumble.

“The Prince called and said, ‘Why is Rusev out of this match? I want Rusev back in this match’. And guess what happened? Rusev was back in the match, and Rusev went to dinner with the Saudi Prince. Rusev was over in Saudi Arabia brother,” recalls Miro.



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