Manchester United’s Nemanja Matic defends Novak Djokovic after COVID-19 positives in Adria Tour


Manchester United midfielder Nemanja Matic has defended his Serbian compatriot Novak Djokovic for webhosting the ill-fated Adria Tour the place quite a lot of gamers, together with the arena primary, examined certain for COVID-19. Djokovic used to be criticised for webhosting the tennis event amid a deadly disease after his trainer Goran Ivanisevic and gamers Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki returned certain checks over the 2 legs in Serbia and Croatia.

Players had been observed interacting, embracing each and every different, taking part in basketball and partying like they did in pre-COVID-19 days however Matic mentioned they weren’t required to stick to any social distancing norms as Serbia had eased restrictions.

“People need to understand that the situation in Serbia was better than here (in England). The country allowed everyone to do whatever they want, everything was open, the shopping centres and the restaurants,” Matic advised Sky Sports.

“So they started to live normal lives because our country was closed for three months completely. You were not allowed to walk on the street, you couldn’t leave your home, so it was different (than England).”

While some unofficial tournaments were performed with out spectators in the stands, such because the Battle of the Brits exhibition event in London, the Adria Tour attracted a capability crowd in the Serbian capital town of Belgrade.

“When they opened they said, ‘you are more than free to do whatever you want’,” Matic added. “Before that tournament, there was a game with 20,000 people and nobody said anything about that.

“I just wanted to say that it is not his fault that he made the tournament, he just wanted to help the players play competitions. I don’t see that he (did) something wrong.”



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