IOA bosses Batra, Mehta call to end infighting


An ongoing spat between the seniormost officers of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) turns out to had been looked after out for now. Secretary-general Rajeev Mehta gave a call to settle issues, an afternoon after president Narinder Batra appealed for an end to the infighting.

“We were very positive from the beginning and we never intervened in anybody’s territory. It is good everyone wants to settle things amicably. We too want to let it happen in the right manner,” Mehta mentioned on Monday.

Batra, in a commentary on Sunday, mentioned: “I appeal to all officials and members of the IOA to shun infighting and work collaboratively (in) the best interests of athletes and development of their respective sports.”

The tussle between the highest IOA officers started in March when Batra informed Mehta he can take over a couple of of his duties and ‘share the workload’. Mehta and his supporters puzzled the cause of the commentary, and the validity of Batra’s election as president of IOA and global hockey federation (FIH).

IOA vice-president Sudhanshu Mittal wrote to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in quest of an inquiry into Batra’s election to each posts. IOC and FIH rejected the court cases. Batra and Mehta even have had variations over the resumption of carrying actions after the national lock down for Covid-19 ended.

“I’m always in favour of taking things in a positive manner. I know my responsibilities very well and never tried to overpower others in the sporting body,” Mehta mentioned. “It’s time to work collectively for the betterment of sports and sportspersons of India.”

IOA treasurer, Anandeshwar Pandey mentioned the infighting was once hurting IOA’s symbol. “IOA cut a sorry figure at the IOC, and even sponsors were in a fix. This isn’t the first time difference of opinion among IOA officials has cropped up, but it never came out in the public like this time.

“For now things seem to have settled, but it can come to surface during the next elections of IOA in December 2021.”



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