‘He’s a bold-faced liar,’ WWE Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles lands scathing attack on wrestling legend


When AJ Styles debuted within the WWE at Royal Rumble, fanatics went berserk. The WWE Universe were tough for the ‘Phenomenal One’ to be signed for years and their needs in the end got here true in 2016. Shortly after Styles’ debut, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows additionally joined the WWE. The trio had a a hit run in NJPW because the Bullet Club and the fanatics was hoping for his or her reunion.

It got here straight away as Styles in conjunction with Gallows and Anderson wreaked havoc over the WWE roster. Styles defeated John Cena with the assistance of his friends ahead of being damaged up because of the draft. While Styles’ embarked on a championship run, Gallows and Anderson struggled to stay the momentum. They reunited once more to shape ‘The OC’ however that was once additionally short-lived as Gallows and Anderson have been launched from the WWE a few months previous.

Styles returned from damage and was once straight away drafted again to SmackDown from Raw. There have been some rumours that Styles wad irate with the discharge of his friends whilst some stated he had problems with Paul Heyman. Styles’ has now addressed the ones rumours on his Mixer flow.

“There were some rumours going around that AJ Styles left RAW to go to SmackDown because he was being bullied,” he stated, in line with WrestlingNews.

“That may be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m a grown man. If there was some bullying going on that upset me enough to leave RAW and go to SmackDown, I would handle it.”

“The rumour about Paul Heyman and me being upset with him because he didn’t take up for Gallows and Anderson before they got released, that’s not what it was at all,” he endured.

“Not even close. I’ll give you a snippet of what me, Gallows and Anderson already know.

“He’s a liar, now you know. I’m sure you’ve heard that before if you go back to his ECW days, you’ll hear that. He’s a bold-faced liar. That’s my take on that.”

It was once a scathing observation to make towards a long-time wrestling determine. It doesn’t appear to be a storyline as they’re on opposing manufacturers. Heyman was once not too long ago relieved of his tasks because the Executive Director of Raw.



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