Haryana mountaineer’s Narender Singh Yadav award held for ‘fake’ Everest climb claim


In a overdue construction on Friday night time, the sports activities ministry determined to withhold the Tenzing Norgay journey award of Haryana’s climbing Narender Singh Yadav, who’s going through the allegations of faking his Everest summit. As consistent with the ministry assets, Yadav award has been held in abeyance pending inquiry.

The Hindustan Times was once the primary to focus on Yadav’s Everest claim, that got here beneath cloud over a ‘morphed’ photograph.

In the ministry’s ultimate listing of the awardees attending Saturday’s award rite Yadav’s title was once no longer provide. He attended the practice session of the nationwide award rite in New Delhi on Thursday, however on Friday the ministry determined to withhold his award and an enquiry has been marked to validate his Everest claim.

After some Indian mountaineers puzzled Yadav’s Everest summit claim, Jamling Tenzing Norgay, on whose father’s title the rustic’s easiest journey award has been instituted, took up the subject. He wrote to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation to appear into the problem of Yadav’s false Everest summit claim.

“The award has been bestowed upon Yadav whose Everest accomplishments are questionable as he seems to have faked his summit picture. No matter how and what outdoor adventure accomplishments he has to his credit, he should not be considered for the prestigious award for lack of integrity. Otherwise, it will be an insult to Tenzing Norgay and a blow to the national honour as the entire world (mountaineering fraternity) is looking at this issue,” stated Jamling, who was once a part of the Everest expedition in 1996 and the revel in was once documented in movie ‘Everest’.

On Jamling’s illustration, Indian Mountaineering Foundation took up the subject with the sports activities ministry or even Naba Kumar Phukon, who was once the chief of the 14-member Everest expedition (2016) of which Yadav was once a part of, additionally wrote to the ministry referring to Yadav’s false claim of Everest summit.

“It’s a victory for the entire mountaineering fraternity and will demotivate others to do such blunder in future,” stated Phukon, who works with the Assam Sports Department.

“From day one I am telling everyone that Yadav’s summit claim was false and he morphed his picture. I was the leader of the expedition and he was part of the team. He never made the summit and even had frostbite. He along with another Haryana mountaineer Seema Rani Goswami had to be rescued by the Sherpas. Because of not sufficient stock of oxygen, Yadav’s Sherpa and I advised him not to proceed further. Later, I went for the summit and on my way back met Yadav and saw his frostbitten toes,” added Phukon. “I want to thank Jamling Tenzing Norgay and all other mountaineers, who take up this issue as a mission to safeguard the reputation of genuine Everesters.”



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