F1 drivers discuss whether to take a knee at season opener


Formula One drivers will discuss taking a knee at the hole race of the behind schedule season in Austria on Sunday.

“Some of the drivers have already been speaking,” McLaren driving force Lando Norris stated. “If we are going to do it, we should all do it as a grid. It will be discussed following the drivers’ briefing with the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association on Friday.”The Black Lives Matter motion has been supported through football avid gamers in Germany, Italy and England taking a knee ahead of and all the way through video games.

“We will do whatever we can to show that we care and respect everyone,” Norris stated.”We will do what is true when the time comes.” Six-time global champion Lewis Hamilton has been vocal about Black Lives Matter and F1’s variety problems.

Like Hamilton, Norris will elevate the “End Racism” message on his automotive this season.

The 20-year outdated driving force not too long ago inspired his social media following to signal petitions following Hamilton’s grievance of his friends for staying silent at the subject.

“I want to do better than any other driver, but everyone should be given the same opportunity and treated the same,” Norris stated. “It is not fair that people get treated differently because of their race.

“This sport reaches millions of people and the more we can do as drivers, teams, and as a community in Formula One, the bigger impact we can have.”



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