BWF SOPs direct players to undergo at least one mandatory test per event


All players and officers can have to undergo at least one mandatory Covid-19 test at all World Tour occasions and the foremost championships, stated the Badminton World Federation because it revealed protection running procedures for the resumption of the game amid the pandemic.

An afternoon after launching the readjusted global calendar, the governing frame revealed its protection protocols and running procedures record and protocols because it appears to be like “to create the safest possible environment for all stakeholders”.

“To ensure the safest possible environment for players and entourage BWF will be implementing a Covid-19 testing plan for each Major Championships and HSBC BWF World Tour tournament,” BWF stated in a liberate.

“All players and team entourage will be required to undertake COVID-19 PCR tests at each Major Championships and HSBC BWF World Tour tournaments … There will be at least one mandatory test per player per event.”

The governing frame stated “accreditations for tournament personnel will be divided into three categories or ‘bubbles’ – green, orange and red.

“Participants in the green category must be tested for Covid-19 before leaving their home country and present a negative test result upon arrival to the tournament destination. Accreditation passes will only be issued for each tournament to green category personnel once a negative test has been obtained,” it added.

“Procedures will be in place to ensure minimal contact between the bubbles – particularly those in the green category and those participants not tested. Any breach of the BWF guidelines and protocols will result in accreditations being revoked and participants not permitted to enter the venue.”

The other people in Orange class (stakeholders who’re most likely to are available touch with players and their entourage) and Red class (who is not going to are available touch) might not be examined however subjected to temperature assessments. The apex frame additionally steered “teams and participants entering tournaments during the European and Asian legs” to “not return to their home countries as many would then have to undergo a 14-day quarantine period upon their return.”

“A two-week transition time to move the tour and all participants from Europe to Asia safely including a necessary quarantine or screening period has been factored in,” it learn additional.

The Thomas & Uber Cup Finals (October 3-11) would be the first match to be held since March when the worldwide well being disaster had compelled the cancellation of all occasions. “International participants for the TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2020 are not required to undergo quarantine upon arrival in Denmark – just a negative Covid-19 test and relevant travel documentation,” BWF stated.

“BWF will also arrange practice facilities in Denmark and for the location of the screening period, plus Asian leg tournaments to support teams and players.”

The governing frame additionally laid down some pre and post-match protocols for the players and staff entourage. “Instead of shaking hands, players can touch rackets with their opponents and nod/put their hand across their chest when greeting the match officials,” it stated.

“A shuttlecock dispenser will be provided at each end of the court. When a player wants to change a shuttlecock and is allowed to do so by the Umpire, the player can take a shuttlecock from the dispenser and return the used shuttlecock to the Service Judge with the racket or drop it into the shuttle box.”



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