When Ranbir Kapoor’s Impression of Robert De Niro Changed After Meeting Him


Ranbir Kapoor (L), Robert De Niro

Ranbir Kapoor (L), Robert De Niro

Ranbir Kapoor recalls meeting Hollywood star Robert De Niro in India and how the meeting went. Read in detail below.

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  • Last Updated: June 14, 2020, 11:09 PM IST

In a throwback interview, Ranbir Kapoor talks about meeting Hollywood legend Robert De Niro at Anupam Kher’s acting school. Anupam and Robert have worked together in Silver Linings Playbook and the Western star came to Anupam’s school, An Actor Prepares, in Mumbai in 2013.

As far as Robert’s fandom goes across the world, Bollywood stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Kunal Kohli and Anil Kapoor too could not help but gush over the prospect of meeting The Irishman star. However, Ranbir recalls that he was a little disappointed upon meeting Robert as the latter was not into what the Bollywood actors had to say about him or their praise and trivia that they knew about him.

About meeting Robert in India, Ranbir recalled, “The embarrassing moments were not photographed but who was equally or more embarrassing than me was Anil Kapoor. Anil uncle was pushing people and we were at our worst. He (Robert) was wondering what was happening. He was not saying anything. He did not give a rat’s a@@ who we were. We were asking about Taxi Driver and all these intelligent questions and everyone had trivia to ask him about. And all he did was smile half-heartedly and look the other way. So my impression of Robert De Niro is not so great anymore.”

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