Nysa Devgn Says She Does Not Deserve The Haters In New Video With Mom Kajol


Superstars Ajay Devgn and Kajol’s daughter Nysa Devgn at all times manages to take social media via hurricane, she just lately unfolded about finding the actual her. In a contemporary video referred to as “Quarantine Tapes” shared on Instagram via Kajol, the actress and her daughter may also be observed speaking about more than a few facets in their lifestyles. The video has been made via Pearl Malik.

In the video, Nysa starts via announcing, “I mean full disclosure, the real Nysa is someone am still trying to figure out right now. I think when you are at this age, you understand something new about yourself every day. Self discovery is pretty much the most important part of being a teenager. Staying in a constant state of self-improvement. Especially growing up with the attention, even though my parents pretty much made me blind to it, there was no concept of me understanding why people knew who they were.”

Nysa additionally unfolded in regards to the recommendation she gained from her father, Ajay Devgn. She stated, “One of the pieces of advice that my dad gave me was my silence made me complicit. He always made me believe that I can do anything if I work hard for it. I always feel that whatever I do, it reflects back on my parents and my every mood is under a magnifying glass. Honestly for all the haters out there, there are so many people who say such nice, sweet things about me that I don’t even feel like I really deserve.”

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