Kangana Ranaut Talks About ‘Suddenly Chaos’ Engulfing Her Again


Actress Kangana Ranaut has tweeted a cryptic submit amidst her battle with Shiv Sena-led Maharashtra govt.

“In this chaos there are potent pauses that engulf me. Where am I? I don’t recognise. What life threw at me so far I could barely catch up with but it’s asking for more, I give every ounce of me still it needs more and suddenly chaos engulfs me again,” Kangana tweeted on Sunday.

She additionally posted her picture that presentations her misplaced in her ideas with a pen in her mouth.

The stress between the actress and the state govt started after she when compared Mumbai with Pakistan occupied Kashmir and referred to as town’s police power a “sham”.

Kangana arrived in Mumbai on September nine with the Y-plus safety equipped to her via the Central govt.



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