Irrfan Khan’s Son Babil Shares Heartbreaking Post: Don’t Want To Be Judged By My Religion


Late actor Irrfan Khan’s son Babil has opened about dealing with discrimination according to his faith in a sequence of heartbreaking posts on his Instagram tales.

Babil, who’s somewhat energetic at the photo-video sharing app, mentioned he is “scared” of being judged by way of his faith because of India’s “sudden relapse of the religious divide.”

Citing non-public enjoy, Babil wrote, “Mandatory holiday for Eid cancelled on Friday while holiday for Raksha Bandhan on Monday still given. Okay then no problem, I’ll just celebrate Eid when it’s not Eid on Saturday.”

He additional wrote, “I know the whole world is in f***ing frenzy but our beautiful secular India’s sudden relapse of the religious divide is honestly getting scary. I have friends that have stopped communicating with me because I’m of a certain religion. Friends I played cricket with when I was 12. I miss my friends. My Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, human friends. I just miss not giving a f*** about what surname I was born with.” (sic)

Babil mentioned he is positive that his posts would invite hateful feedback like “anti-national” or “go to Pakistan.”

“Waiting for the ‘toh Pakistan Ja na phir you anti-nationalist’ comments like…. (sic) First of all, I love India, and I’m telling you this because I do my education in London and every time I go, I can’t wait to come back and take rickshaw rides with my hernias, have panipuri at Aksa beach, travel anywhere; in the forests, the crowds… I love India. Don’t you dare, call me an anti-nationalist, I promise you, I’m a boxer, I will break your nose.”






He concluded, announcing, “One last thing. Thank you for all of the immense love you have shown me and f*** you to all the people who want me to leave the country (well not really, if you want we can have a chat and discuss what the problem is).”



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