From Field To Compost: French Firm Develops Hemp Face Masks


LEZINNES, France: In a manufacturing facility in rural France, a laser cuts thru a hemp canvas at the manufacturing line of what the producer says is Europe’s first compostable face masks.

Geochanvre pitches the hemp mask to be able to cut back plastic waste all over the coronavirus pandemic from single-use protecting equipment that environmentalists say will take centuries to decompose and is polluting the oceans.

“It’s heresy not to ban polyethylene products, materials that are shipped to all corners of the world. Use local agricultural materials,” Frédéric Roure, founding president of Geochanvre, instructed Reuters TV.

“This is a natural product and will go back into the soil.”

The masks’s lining features a corn mix for convenience and the elastic band is recyclable.

Bales of hemp fibre are handed thru compressors and over rollers earlier than rising on the finish of the road as hard-packed flat sheets, able to be minimize into form and folded by way of hand.

Customers, most commonly from Europe and Canada, have to this point purchased 1.five million of the hemp mask since March.

Worldwide, an estimated 129 billion disposable face mask and 65 billion gloves are used each month, in step with a learn about within the magazine Environmental Science and Technology.

Most single-use protecting equipment is produced from plastics together with polypropylene, polythene and vinyl.

Disposable plastic mask that finally end up within the oceans may just take as much as 450 years to decompose, in step with marketing campaign staff Waste Free Oceans.

Biodegradable and compostable face mask, produced from fabrics reminiscent of hemp or wooden fibres, are being made or advanced around the globe.


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