Bollywood Looks Down Upon TV Actors, Says Hina Khan


She did tv for over a decade and has featured in Hindi movies, however actress Hina Khan fails to grasp why small display stars are seemed down upon in Bollywood.

Talking about why there’s rarely any bond between Bollywood and the small display trade, Hina informed IANS: “Well, we are ready to work if given an opportunity. I am not the right person because I come from both the mediums. I have done theatrical films, I have done digital (films) and then I have done television for the longest time.”

“So, I am somewhere in the middle and I can speak on both the cases. What I see after all these years is that we (TV stars) are looked down upon. I don’t know why,” she added.

Hina even made a debut on the Cannes Film Festival closing yr, following which there was once complaint about her look from sections of the media. “For me, I always mentioned things change because I hit the Cannes (red) carpet. I set an example for television. It became huge news and then other things happened. The whole industry came together and fought for me. But why are we looked down upon? I just don’t get it,” she stated.

Hina, who rose to status along with her efficiency as Akshara within the display Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, added: “I walked the carpet and some stupid comparison is done. Why? Had it been some film star’s son or daughter it wouldn’t have happened. It gives a clear sign that they look down upon us.”

But why does she really feel TV actors are seemed down upon, even supposing the medium has given actors like Shah Rukh Khan and the overdue Sushant Singh Rajput, amongst others? “Television actors are trained differently. We work in stressful conditions, unlike films. I have done films. I know how films are shot, how comfortable and how much effort and training goes on before shooting starts. That does not happen in television. We are given a bunch of scripts every day,” she stated.

Hina added: “You got to learn your lines, come on sets, there is so much stress. That doesn’t happen in films. Maybe, that way our training is better because we are ready to shoot for 18 hours at a stretch. We can deliver 10 pages in one go when it comes to realistic performance and television. I have always mentioned it is over the top, when it comes to performance.”

Despite such calls for of TV performing, Hina stated: “That does not mean we cannot do it (films). Maybe we need certain training, maybe we also need a film to understand ‘that oh my god, I need to do this a little subtle. I need to improve here’. But that opportunity is not given to us.”

“If a film is given to us, we are judged upon that film,” she stated, of the plight that TV actors incessantly face when they are attempting out performing in movies.

She advised for a “fair chance” for tv actors. “We are not given 10 films. Anyone who is a star kid, they have the backing of 10 films. They get one film and they understand their flaws, (in the) second film they do a little better, (in the) third film they get an award, and the fourth film they are the best actors,” she summed up.

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