Amrita Rao Says She Has Been Receiving Birthday Wishes On Wrong Dates


Amrita Rao says she will get birthday needs a minimum of 3 times a yr, and apparently on the entire flawed dates.

She mentioned, “It’s been happening since that Wikipedia page was created. It’s an open platform and the users have been feeding it. Everyone, including media, continues to wish me sometimes in April, sometimes in June. I have been greeted on various dates, apart from 7th June like 27th June and recently even 7th April, which is insane. It’s been very confusing.”

Amrita says she hasn’t ever put out her birthday main points in public.

“I have been a very private person, so when it comes to my personal details, I like to keep it away from the public glare. I don’t celebrate my birthday with the media. So, whenever the media asked me about my age, I used to give those Shakuntala Devi type of answers, like never ask a woman her age and a man his wage. I have never disclosed the details,” mentioned Amrita.

It turns out like a case of shifting in circles.

She mentioned, “The forum, Wikipedia, has random edits and it’s not fair for the media to consult it without double checking with us. The media uses Wikipedia as reference in the introduction of their articles, and then Wikipedia again uses that as reference point for my personal details. My team tried to get in touch with the editors on the public forum but they use media articles as citation proof. So, I thought of putting out my views to clarify that my date of birth and year are incorrect there.”

When requested if she want to explain the true yr of beginning, she mentioned, “I am 18 till I die.”

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