What is Ramarcha Puja? How is it performed?


Ramarcha Puja is probably the most sacred rituals in Hindu faith. According to Hindu spiritual texts, Ramarcha Puja comprises recitation of ‘Ram Katha‘, ‘Ram Dhun‘ and worship of Lord Rama and his 4 incarnations (avatars). It is believed that devotees who carry out Ramarcha Puja and worship Lord Rama with piety are blessed with achievement in their needs.
How to accomplish Ramarcha Puja?
The first step is to arrange Ramarcha puja vedi (platform) with rice, kumkum, diya (earthen pot lamp), oil, cotton, dhupbatti, vegetation and so forth. After that, Lord Rama is bathed in a copper vessel the use of water & milk, after which vastr (get dressed) and jewelry is presented to the Lord Rama. Next, Lord Rama is worshiped with Vedic mantras and after that priest and devotees recite ‘Ram Katha’ and ‘Ram Dhun’ for hours.
After final touch of Ramarcha Puja, Lord Hanuman is worshiped. The worship of Lord Hanuman comprises set up of Lord Hanuman’s ‘pataka’ (flag). Lord Hanuman, sometimes called Pavan Putra, is the most important devotee of Lord Rama. It’s mentioned that those that worship Lord Hanuman succeed in luck, peace, happiness, energy and braveness.



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